9 Another Reasons Outdoor Camping is Beneficial to Human Health

1. Fresh AirAfter setting up your tent or moving your belongings into your yurt, you take a deep breath and are overwhelmed by a feeling of happiness. This is not only because you are about to embark on a week-long vacation, but because you are surrounded by trees that give off a high- capacity of Oxygen…

2. SocialisationIn a society where hard work is idealized, and more time is spent at your place of employment rather than at home, camping provides time away from daily stresses and allows time for you and your family to socialize without distractions.

3. ExercisesCamping provides a great deal of exercise. You walk to different amenities, swim, play sports, hike, fish, etc. These different exercises burn off a greater amount of calories than an office job would.

4. SunshineWeather you are sleeping outdoors or taking refuge in an RV, just spending downtime outside has a huge impact on your health. The sun is not only good for that tan, but it also provides our bodies with Vitamin D. This is essential to our well-being because Vitamin D allows our body to absorb calcium and phosphorous which strengthens our bones and teeth.

5. Good Night Sleep

6. Less Stress

7. Healthy Fresh Food

8. Decreases Depression and Anxiety…

9. New ChallengesCamping does not always have to be intense, you do not need to …rough it out… In the wilderness. If you want to camp, but do not want the hardcore experience, we have a variety of accommodations that can accommodate everyone. Our campgrounds are placed in a natural setting, giving you the benefits of camping without the discomfort.

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